I welcome you on my genealogy pages dedicated to the family Milcak. I would like to share here information that I collected during my search.

And how does it actually begin?

Once at home, I discovered some birth certificates of several of my ancestors from mother side - yellowed documents with interesting but illegible handwriting. I was looking through them for a while, making notes and drawing some family relations into charts. Well and the ancestry chart from my mother side was finished - the oldest ancestor was Vaclav Havelka, born in 1825.
My father come from Slovakia thus we have no documents at home to make the ancestry chart from his side. Fortunately, the sister of my grandfather deals with genealogy and she sent us not only the ancestry sheet but also a part of the descendant chart of my great-great-grandfather Josef Milcak from Brutovce. I put all the information into a large family tree. Then I needed just a little of rumors about some relatives in the USA and my greatest hobby - genealogy or family history search - was here.

What is my aim?
I am not only trying to search my direct ancestors but I want to map out our lineage/dynasty. And because the surname Milcak is not very common I would like to connect all the particular families and find the progenitor of the Milcak family.

How far am I?
Naturally, I have begun my search in the birthplace of my great-great-grandfather Josef Milcak - in Brutovce, a small village in Levoca Hills. Unfortunately the archival records from this village are stored in Levoca which means for me more than a 10-hour-way by train and this makes my search rather difficult. Despite that I think I succeeded pretty well in description of Milcak family from Brutovce.I have found the eldest (provable documented) family member Ondrej Milcak, born about 1757. His presumable father was Stefan Milcak, born about 1704.
I work on the search of Milcak family from Stara Lubovna as well. The eldest documented member here is Josef Milcak (* abt. 1814). I also made a search trip to archive in Presov, where I was looking for Milcaks from Ohradzany and its neighboring villages. I have found there several results but I need some time to process them before publication. Another search for members of Milcak family i do through many online databases - mainly the Milcak's distribution in the world and especially in the USA.

I will update these pages continuously as I find new information. I would like to ask all of you, who can share some information and help me with history of Milcak family, please let me know.
Thank you, Petr Milcak